Sunset Trails Buckles

Sunset Trails, originally known as the Srour company, has been around since the early 1920's, building buckles and saddle silver in the Los Angeles area. The "silver screen cowboys" of the movies were helpful in the growth and popularity of their business. Sunset Trails became one of the premier western silversmiths in the world. In 1951, Bob Stanton purchased the Srour Company from his family and renamed it SUNSET TRAILS. And then in 1960, Bob acquired the McCabe Silversmith Company and added their designs to the Sunset Trails line. Today, Bob’s sons are carrying on the family tradition and legacy. The Stanton family is one of the most gracious families that we know and we feel privileged to call them our friends.

Please Note: due to the fluctuation in the prices of precious metals, we cannot guarantee the prices of our buckles.  
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15R: $995
Sunset Trails Buckle

The 15R is a 3 piece buckle great for everyday wear. Shown on a mahogany belt. Put this buckle on a 1" belt.

Indian Tribute Gold: $1,500
Sunset Trails Buckle

The Indian Tribute buckle showcases 3 beautiful Indians in headdresses as well as teepees and arrows, the keeper has a teepee on each side as well---all of these overlay pieces done in solid 10k gold. Nicely engraved, with all of the intricate details that we all like to see. Very well priced too! Put this buckle on a 1" belt.

Indian Tribute Silver: $1,500
Sunset Trails Buckle

Indian Tribute, same as the above, but in all sterling silver. Isn't it interesting how different 2 buckles can look with the same design, with the only difference is that one is all sterling silver and the other has 10k gold overlays? This buckle is a nice "tribute" to our Native American heritage and history in America! Fits a 1" belt.

64IXSR: call for price
Sunset Trails Buckle

This is a very nice looking 1" buckle set, with a more narrow profile---not as large as many of the other traditional western buckle sets---but has the beautiful 10k gold scrollwork and floral overlays. The gold is very thick as the scrolls and flowers have been cast and then overlaid on this buckle. This 4 piece buckle set is for a 1" belt.

15XGR: call for price
Sunset Trails Buckle

The 15XGR is a very traditional looking buckle that boasts 10k yellow gold flowers, scrolls, and rope edge, as well as an oval shield to add some personalization, if one wishes to do so. Very much a CLASSIC!

2700 3/4" 4pc: $550
Sunset Trails Buckle

The classic "Cheyenne" style buckle is still a very popular choice and has been since the 1920's. This buckle can pair well with a great classic hand tooled western belt, or with a beautiful alligator belt. You can best describe this buckle as versatile and classic. It is also available as a 3 piece set. For a 3/4" belt.

2700 1" 4pc: $675
Sunset Trails Buckle

The 2700 is a classic "Cheyenne" design that was originally designed for Tom Mix. It is entirely compatible with both western or contemporary dress. This versatility leads to it being one of the most popular buckle in a western style. Fits a 1 inch belt.

Amalfi: $525
Sunset Trails Buckle

This Amalfi buckle, 4 pc set, with no engraving sports a very clean look with a plain polish. Another simple and understated look in heavy sterling silver. For a 1" belt.

Pointe: call for price
Sunset Trails Buckle

The Pointe is a 4 piece sterling silver slimline buckle that has a "point" out the front of the buckle, mimicking the point of the tip on the opposite end. The sterling silver scroll overlays are a nice touch, adding some nice dimension and eye appeal. A beautiful buckle, and a new design of Sunset Trails. For a 1" belt.

2410: $850
Sunset Trails Buckle

This is a beautifully shaped buckle, nice curves, with some intricate sterling silver scroll, flower, and shield overlays. The keeper and tip feature a sterling flower overlaid surrounded with some fancy engraving. 3 piece buckle for a 1" belt.

641X: ccall for price
Sunset Trails Buckle

The 641 is a classic McCabe shape, and the "X" denotes the 14k gold overlays. This sterling 4 piece buckle set has 14k gold shield, scrolls, and flower overlays---perfect for the person who loves 2 tone jewelry. For a 1" belt.

15: $995
Sunset Trails Buckle

Like the 2700 buckle, this #15 is a classic western shape, intricately engraved with a diamond shield on the buckle for personalization. This is a 4 piece set, also available with just 1 keeper. This sterling buckle is a cowboy's wardrobe staple, just like his hat and boots! 4 piece buckle for a 1" belt.

147XSR: call for price
Sunset Trails Buckle

This is such a pretty little buckle! It's perfect for a man's old style ranger belt or for a subtle ladies' belt. Another classic McCabe buckle style, the sterling buckle showcases the 14k gold overlays and a sterling rope edge bordering each piece. For a 3/4" belt.





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