Greg Jensen Buckles

Greg Jensen's unique style is the product of his talents as an artist, sculptor, silversmith, foundry man, and engraver and has been designing and crafting silver for over ten years. Using a casting method that he has perfected over time called the ‘lost wax' method, he casts in sliver and gold, or platinum. Each piece is his own design and is hand made; therefore, may have subtle differences making each buckle unique. He has a fondness for simple elegance, which is eloquently expressed in all his work.

Please Note: due to the fluctuation in the prices of precious metals, we cannot guarantee the prices of our buckles.  
Please call for the most current prices. 

Sleek 2020: $580
Greg Jensen Buckle

This is a great 4 piece buckle for business or pleasure. Fits 1" Belt.

Pinstripe 4060: $1150
Greg Jensen Buckle

Smooth and sleek comes to mind at sight of the Greg Jensen Pinstripe 2060. Simply hand engraved, this sterling silver buckle set has 14k gold "pinstripes" down the middle of four pieces. This 1 inch set can be worn at the office or for dress occasions.

Pinstripe 2060: $600
Greg Jensen Buckle

Almost identical to the "Pinstripe 4060" above; this buckle has a simple all sterling silver "pinstripe" look without the gold. This 4 piece buckle set takes a 1" belt, and would go with either casual or office attire.

Profile 1070: $415
Greg Jensen Buckle

For a sleek and subtle appearance, Greg Jensen focused on simple elegance with this sterling silver, four piece buckle set. This cast, shiny buckle would look great on a 1 inch classic black alligator belt.

Aspen 2120: $580
Greg Jensen Buckle
The Aspen 2120 is a classic 4-piece buckle set with hand engraving throughout all four pieces. Fits a one inch belt.


Cirrus 1010: $415
Greg Jensen Buckle

A simply elegant buckle without any adornment. Sometimes less IS more. Fits a one inch buckle.

Omega 3100: $990
Greg Jensen Buckle
A simple sterling silver buckle set with a 14k gold stripe down the center of each piece, giving a clean but upscale look to this buckle. Fits a one inch belt.


Prestige 1080: $415
Greg Jensen Buckle

The Prestige from Greg Jensen has a nice buckle shape, and a unique central stripe down the center of each of the 4 pieces. In all sterling silver. Fits a one inch belt.

Sleek 1020: $415
Greg Jensen Buckle

You could not ask for a more "sleek" sterling silver buckle; with a small frame this buckle has very clean clear lines. Fits a one inch belt.

Stars 1090: $495
Greg Jensen Buckle

Greg Jensen is located in Texas and we're sure that's the inspiration for this stunning set---with a star on each piece. All sterling and fits a one inch belt.






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